Behind The Fear (2016) – The Hidden Story of HIV | Documentary

There’s lots of good stuff in the film, especially for those who would like to see a preview of the Covid Con through the lens of the AIDS Con that came before it. There are also some faces familiar to the folks on this list.

One thing I like to point out to people is, the Freaky Fauci moment. Nothing profound, but just a little spooky. It’s where Nicole Zwiren (the filmmaker) asks Fauci why, in 2009, HIV was removed from the CDC’s list of “communicable diseases of public health signiicance”. Fauci pauses in thought, then laughs and says, “That has not happened. You got that one wrong!” (She hadn’t.) Then he quietly walks up to her at the end and asks, “Where are you from? And who do you represent?” Its a little creepy.

Documentary: Behind The Fear (2016)- The Hidden Story of HIV

Run time: 1 hr 34 min
Director: Nicole Zwiren
Livamond Productions (2016)

Behind The Fear is an independent film production which uncovers the hidden controversy about HIV that the US government doesn’t want you to know exists. Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic, top scientists and doctors have questioned the validity of HIV as a deadly virus, or even as a virus that exists at all. Filmmaker Nicole Zwiren takes on the topic of whether or not HIV is really a harmful virus, by interviewing doctors, scientists, journalists, and patients who have been involved in HIV’s history, and she presents information that helps the viewer decide what to believe. Watch:

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