My Heart Was Transformed Letter #6

Hello friends,

I am so happy these emails are of value to so many and Thank You for sharing the impact they have on you. Your emails keep me going. They give me the courage and drive to keep seeking the truth and give me faith that is so easy to forget. They encourage me to keep listening, reading, writing and attending so I can pass this on to all of you which in turn keeps me accountable.


Many think of debt as being credit card debt. Some even think school loans not paid back are not debt. ALL loans are debt. I’d like to add to my definition of Success; Having loving, respectful relationships, being happy (not just content), being debt free, being able to give freely, having left a positive impact on even just one life is success to me and is so rewarding. I was willing to settle for “just content”. Not my first choice because I always felt there was more than this. Meaning, I reached a high level in a company, I have two beautiful houses, the most handsome husband, two awesome, handsome boys, a store, awesome friends and more than I ever imagined. We’ve been all over the world. Places I never even could imagine in my wildest dreams and rubbed elbows with some very important respectful people. We are debt free and can do and go wherever we want. Yet, we were not happy. What was missing??


I love that song by Sugarland; Something More. It says…

Some believe in destiny, and some believe in fate

I believe that happiness is something we create

You best believe that I’m not gonna wait

‘Cause there’s gotta be something more 

Crank it up and dance! I also know my creator wanted more for me as well…. the result, me writing this. Now I know what it is and how to get it!

One of the fastest ways is to join Chip & I in Orlando in January:

Once you are registered let me know. I have a 3-bedroom condo within a 15-minute drive to the event that will be free of charge for 6 lucky people who are committed to changing their lives! Doing this training is like joining Young Living. We have a Young Living family. We have things in common to discuss. We encourage and hold each other accountable. Those of us who are doing these Dani Johnson trainings are another form of a family. A group of like minded individuals who want a better life. Not just health & wealth. There’s so much more to it. It has taught me to look at life differently. It’s taught me how to heal my life. (yes I have Louise Hays book too) It’s taught me how to communicate. Put an end to “generational curse” our programmed thoughts and actions. As Jonny put it: If you’re looking to equip yourself with the skills to rekindle or rebuild those relationships that have slipped away.


If you’re looking to be part of a like-minded group of people that care about helping those in need. You want to annihilate your debt and become financially independent… You must get to First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty.


If you are reading these messages, I know they are helping you. Even those of you who do not email with a story or comment. I can only say that because I made a whole lot of mistakes and have felt the pain many of you feel. The pain that most of us will deny is even there. I have been there too. I am extremely grateful for the pain, the denial, the humiliating mistakes I have made and experienced. For the pain and the mistakes got me to where I am today. Neale Donald Walsh tells it better on Amazon Conversations with Neale. Episode #4.


“Thoughts are like seeds; you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds”…..from this great meditation. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life ➤ Reprogram Your Mind | Create Your Dreams Affirmations:



This is another great book I am listening to: Money, A love story by Kate Northrup: Generally emotional healing happens in layers and stages. She talks about her life and issues with money. Her mother is Christine Northrup MD. Her parents were very successful doctors, made lots of money. Her mother wrote several best sellers but yet they divorced. So, were they successful? They obviously weren’t happy. She mentions cervical cancer, abnormal pap smear which can lead to cervical cancer being related to woman who allow themselves to be taken advantage of. There is an emotion related to every illness/disease. Louise Hay has a great book that she gives affirmations for your issue:


I also recommend this book:


Business idea: Get the book. Offer to share with others by taking pictures of their issue and sending it to them. You can charge if you need help paying for the book. If you want to be debt free, get your thinking cap on and find ways to achieve that. Remember if you keep doing what you always done, you will get what you have always gotten.


She also talks about being debt free and it not being about just the money. It’s more of being in alignment with her values of freedom and service. The ability to give freely. I can relate to this as owing for anything bothered me. She talks about her vision board and what was on hers. She took her credit card bills, whited out the balanced and wrote in a 0. I thought about that as what a great idea. Most put cars, vacations, big houses, “stuff”, on their vision boards and very few if any would have done what she did. I thought wow; why not take your bank statement write in the figure you want to see as well as making your credit cards statements 0. If you have a mortgage or a car payment you could make a document looking like the title and put that on the vision board. When you pay off your car or your mortgage that is the result, so why not visualize it!


This is from an email that I am subscribed to: Do you take the time to express gratitude daily? From corporate high-flyers to scientists to personal growth coaches, more and more experts are now extolling the virtues of being grateful.


But why? At its core, gratitude is a basic human trait that many anthropologists and psychologists would argue exists solely to encourage people to help each other.


And yet through today’s latest science, we are now able to observe the true power of gratitude, which includes dramatic improvements to one’s health, wealth, happiness, and even one’s success with the Law of Attraction.


  1. I suggest you begin each day with Gratitude. Write down at least 5 things you are grateful for.
  2. End each day with Gratitude. Write down at least 5 things you are grateful for before you retire.
  3. Wear and diffuse daily!


“Every time I pick up a coin on the street, I view it as a symbol of the abundance that God sends into my life, and I feel gratitude.” — Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” — William Arthur Ward


I just drove past a church sign that read “Get Rich Quick, Count Your Blessings” If you could single out ONE thing that’s holding you back from being perfectly happy with your life, what would it be? Is it your career? Your bank account? Your health or fitness? Your relationship with your spouse or partner? Your legacy?


Before you answer, consider this:

A few years back, Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert made a stunning discovery about happiness, fulfillment and the human condition. By following two groups, one of new amputees, the other of big lottery winners, he found that within just two years, both returned to the same level of happiness they’d had before their life-changing event. In other words – Even millions of dollars can’t make you happier than you already are. And in the long run, even losing a limb can’t make you much sadder either! Why? Because the truth is, lasting joy, success and fulfillment don’t come from what’s around you… But rather from what’s inside YOU.


Here is a guided Gratitude meditation I recommend:

What a perfect time of year with Thanksgiving approaching to start your daily Gratitude meditation and affirmation practice.


Congratulations to the winner of this week’s prize is Andrea Kaplan!!


Thank you again for reading to the end… Wishing you a healthy, happy, peaceful holiday.

Be sure and eat just enough, take your enzymes, give Thanks!

In love and gratitude,


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