You Can Become a Remote Controlled Biological Factory or Believe What They Want You to Believe

DNA and Mind Control

Watch this all the way through and listen for the words Protein (as in Spike Proteins), program DNA (as in what mRNA has as a function within the body), and “park it” (as in morgellan’s disease and fibers being seen on PCR testing swabs). Do want a scientist to have the ability, remotely, of forming of synthetic 3rd DNA-strand to control your health, your senses and your biological functions?

Dr. Charles Morgan describes the Future of Psycho-Neurobiology and War with a bit of excitement as it likely aligns with his vision of the world of science producing useful things for it’s masters, like brainwashing subjects into believing false memories. Certainly would be useful to any enforcement agency to cover their wrongdoings would it not…

Let me ask your opinion, given recent circumstances, A. do you think science has gone too far?? Or, B. has the deep state (within the Military Complex) subverted what was once appropriate goals to help people with prosthetics to regain control of motor functions to more destruction-oriented goals. If option B, what are you doing about it? (Watch both videos then you decide)



Full Video Below…

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