Dr. Charlie Ward – Check Your Insurance Policies Relating To COVID Death Benefits

Dr. Charlie Ward (https://drcharlieward.com/) warns us to check Your Insurance Policies Relating To COVID Death Benefits. Taking or rather accepting the COVID Vaccination, or Accept PCR Tests may cause your Insurance Policies to be void, nullified, invalid or in some other way adversely affected. This is because the vaccines, the PCR test and wearing mask enforcements were implemented under an EUA “Emergency Use Authorization” by the FDA and NOT a full testing and approval process as is any other approved drug or therapy.

You must call your insurance policy carrier or issuer to have them a) indicate verbally that you are or are not covered for the EUA vaccines/PCR test/Mask mandate and b) demand that they send written confirmation of reflecting the same as they communicated verbally. You will need this to show any official who dares demand you take the vaccine, the PCR test, or wear non-fully-approved masks. They, meaning the officials (be they police, school admins in the case of your children, sheriffs, health department officials, etc.) can/may be held criminally or civilly liable of the force any of these unapproved therapies upon you.

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