Data Dump Of Pedophilia And Human Trafficking In Foster Care Systems And Orphanages – Part 5

If you discover instances of human trafficking in your community, reach out to, Call them at 1-888-373-7888 or Text 233733.

41. 4 L.A. county social workers charged with child abuse in death of 8 year old boy

42. Children’s Protective Services: The Gateway To Child Trafficking

43. Report Says LAPD Failed To Investigate Nearly 4,000 Cases Of Child Abuse

44. Investigation: Chicago schools failed to report abuse cases

45. Welfare reform 20 years later: What worked, what didn’t

46. Thousands of bones were unearthed at the Vatican in the search for a teen who went missing in 1983

47. Sex trafficking incident sparks girls shelter investigation

48. Is Child Protective Services Trafficking Children?

49. Custody in Crisis: How family courts nationwide put children in danger

50. NorCal Child Services Attorney Accused of Trying to Arrange Sex With Juvenile

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