Proof of Claim… The Key to Freedom

“The framers of our Constitution understood the dangers of unbridled government surveillance.

They knew that democracy could flourish only in spaces free from government snooping and interference, and they put restraints on government overreaching in the Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. . . . These protections require, at a minimum, a neutral arbiter – a magistrate – standing between the government’s endless desire for information and the citizens’ desires for privacy” (Elizabeth Holtzman).

(Disclaimer: We are law abiding people who believe in the rule of law and living responsibly. We do not, however, believe in being ruled by a law (statute) or treated like slaves of the government. Furthermore, we believe God’s law is the ultimate authority on this earth and that government workers have no authority to exempt themselves from obedience to the Ten Commandments. Thus, this article is meant to empower responsible freedom loving people to resist the overreaching State and to defend themselves against State’s presumption that citizens have duties and obligations to the government.)

Link to Full Document: Proof_of_Claim_The_Key_to_Freedom.pdf

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