AZ Parents Band Together Against Kids in Masks, Ed Board Runs; ‘We’re Not Taking it Anymore’

Here is the interview with one of the New We The People School Board Nominees:

Mainstream Media False Narrative: 

Copied from this online article by the media thugs:

Prior to the email from the superintendent, a video surfaced showing parents gathered at the school board meeting in the town of Vail, Arizona, to protest the mask mandate in public schools. Parents who came to protest at the parking lot wanted to state their opposition to the mask mandate. They arrived at the Vail School Board meeting to tell the board to make the masks optional. Even before the meeting began, the Board walked out due to the disruption [The were scared of We The People telling them (our public servants) what we wanted for the children].

While a viral video reported that the school board had resigned [in fact they abandoned their post/duties to We The People], it was later reported by Lead Stories that they did not. “In a phone call with Lead Stories on April 29, 2021, Darcy Mentone, director of communications and public affairs for the Vail Unified School District [Meaning the school board hid behind a secretary/proxy who was tasked with communicating with We The People], said the protestors’ impromptu election was not official. The protesters [i.e. Parents Demanding the safety of their children] did not interrupt the governing board meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. MDT that night, she said. Instead, they came during a “study session” [meaning a strategy meeting to tell the parent they must obey mask mandates] that preceded the meeting.

“And the legally elected school board members did not resign, Mentone said: Rather, they adjourned the study session for their safety [a false narrative to frame We The People as the outlaws, when in fact, We The People have the power as the school board’s masters]. The governing board meeting was canceled due to the protests [contradict a prior statement wherein it was because they feared for “their safety”]. These were just a few of the reasons the protesters who claimed to be ‘elected’ to the ‘new’ school board could not have replaced the school district’s face covering [again, trying to shift using different vocabulary] regulation, she said:

“In a board meeting, something has to be listed on the agenda as an action item for the board to take any action. [We The People are also allowed to express our desires in these open meetings, they are not for the board members to dictate from on high the rules] So the mitigation strategies were listed on the agenda for the meeting that got canceled, but it was just an inform item so that the board could discuss it and listen to the parents that we knew were coming and had concerns… even if that board meeting would have gone through, the board would not have had the ability that night to change the mask policy [Bullshit!!, they seem to have the power to be doctors, lawyers and judge/jury/executioners regarding the mask mandates…]. So it is still in place, nothing has changed.” [So, here the attempt to taunt We The People stating the mask mandate remains in place no matter what the people desire]

On Tuesday, April 27, after the school board departed, the parents voted in a new school board on the spot, though this was non-binding, then voted to end mandatory masking in Vail Schools. The superintendent’s email indicates that the parents had absolutely no standing to form a new board at all. [Meaning, you as a Parent of a Child have no say in your child’s safety, medical procedures, or educational environmental conditions. You exist in the school system to simply pay your taxes to support what the school board wants to do with your child]


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