My Heart Was Transformed Letter #4


Hello Friends,


Here we are at week 4 and the lucky winner who read to the bottom of last week’s email is Linda McCamon. Linda will receive an Amazon Gift card for $25. It’s important to Believe with all your heart. Congratulations!!


I received a few emails after last week’s message asking if the shoulder injury was mine or the author. It’s my shoulder I was referring to. I cannot begin to tell you how this feels. I’m not familiar with having pain much so having shoulder pain that went down the arm into the hand was BAD. I like to go, go, go. That pain and lack of ability to move my arm like normal and the lack of sleep was really taking a toll on me. But holy crap, I know now it was all for a reason! It’s almost mind boggling to know what I know now. I have so much to share, I lose sleep over it I go from losing sleep over pain, to losing sleep over the excitement of sharing with you why I feel I have no pain. I feel like I have a renewed purpose.


All this positive stuff….I used to delete saying yea yea, life sucks and that’s all there is to it. Life is what you make of it. It’s really that simple but yet not that simple because of our programming or as Don Miguel Ruiz calls it, our “domestication”. We have to reprogram our thinking and this takes daily work. For me, I will do the daily work as I never want to go back to thinking the way I did. My circumstances have not changed but the way I show up has changed. I now see the beauty in things. You can choose to approach your day with gratitude and passion. When I shifted into this way of living everything has started to shift. I have gratitude for the people and experiences I have in my life, both good and bad. Louise Hay has a great morning meditation on YouTube. I recommend you find it and do this daily. She teaches you how to give Thanks for your bed, your pillow, your indoor plumbing, etc. So many things we all take for granted.


Our mind is like our body. If we eat & drink crap we will feel like crap and eventually get sick. If we eat healthy food, drink lots of pure water, use chemical free products we will feel better and have more energy. If we listen to negative people, read and watch negative stuff on TV or the computer, basically listen to the media, we will think negative thoughts. Even the music we listen to affects our mood and our thoughts. Negative influence will cause you to be negative. It causes emotions that are coming from Fear. Anger, jealousy, hurt, inadequacy, guilt, anxiety, depression and the need to control or be “right”. You will find the bad in everything. Your choice, you can find the bad or the good in ANYTHING. FEAR: False evidence appearing real.


Listening to positive, motivational teachers daily will in turn do what for you? It will help change your programming if you allow it to and you have to practice what you are learning. Do it DAILY!


As I listen to 50 Ways to Yay, she talks about how difficult it is to expose yourself like this. Most of us want to remain silent, share some of our crap with a few friends or family but not the public. The reason I am exposing myself and sharing with you all is because if these great authors did not share their issues with me I would not have anything to relate to. I can relate to some of the things they are sharing and its helping me a ton and I am already getting many emails stating my emails are helping others and that is what my purpose is. I liken this to Young Living and the ones who choose to go out of their comfort zone. They go above and beyond the average or what Dani Johnson would call the 98% errs. They do everything they can to share what they know about the products. In return they are rewarded with a nice check as well as the wonderful feeling of knowing they helped improve lives. If William Mendren, God rest his soul, did not go out of his way, by buying a mailing list and mail me the Missing Link cassette tape back in 1996, I wouldn’t be writing this to any of you. Dani talks about scripture and the chosen ones. I know what I am sharing now is not coming from me. I know my success in YL is not only from the awesome leaders I have on my team that go above and beyond to spread the word or from my efforts but that of a higher power. It’s all in divine order. All the trials and tribulations were and continue to be for a reason. Remember that as you go through struggles. It’s not the struggles that control your situation; it’s how you handle the struggles. It’s not the load you are carrying; it’s how you chose to carry the load. We are the problem but we are also the solution. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, broke, stalled out and lonely – if you are not living up to your potential the only person responsible for this is YOU.


Still 50 Ways to Yay: Being forced out of our comfort zones…. When we avoid getting real about what’s not working in our life it’s as if we are removing the batteries from the fire alarm just as it’s going off. There’s a fire somewhere that needs to be put out. But we don’t like the nose of the alarm so we take out the batteries and pretend everything’s ok instead. Meanwhile the fire continues to rage until we face it and handle it. Our lives are constantly producing symptoms or smoke that point to a deep-rooted issue. A fire that needs to be addressed. Our feelings of depression could result from our being disconnected from our purpose. The short fuse we exhibit could stem from an issue we’re not willing to address or forgive. So, whenever you feel stuck or stagnant in a situation or are experiencing symptoms that don’t feel so great, ask yourself, what am I pretending not to know? Then have the courage to listen to the answer and be brave enough to act.


I use this scenario about your health and having your gallbladder, tonsils, appendix, thyroid, etc. removed. You have a flare up. You go to the doctor and they tell you to have it removed. Did you solve the problem?


I’m in awe at the connection all of this has on ALL our lives.


I’ve been spending a lot of time with my dear friends Vicky Willoughby and Amy Enwright. They have been coming weekly to work on me with Raindrop, Reiki and massage to help heal this shoulder. I believe we have gained much from each other in the process as we sit and chat after the treatment. Last week Vicky pulled one of her “The Power Animal Oracle” cards for me. It was “You have a choice.” How ironic as that is my mission statement and the name of my ministry. When I created that it was about health choices but now I realize it is much more than that. Our thought process is just as important if not more. We are what we think. We can change everything in our loves with our thoughts. “I Love waking people up to the fact they have a choice.” You have a choice with your health choices and your thoughts.


I’ve encouraged making healthier choices and Young Living for 20 years. Now I am sharing things that can help your thought process. Your action or reaction to any situation determines everything. I know now I could have had saved myself and our family from much turmoil just from my action/reaction alone. We are what we think. Whatever you think you are right. You think you can’t, your right, you can’t. You think you can, your right, you can. You can even think yourself well (with proper choices of course).


Changing your life, your thought process, reprogramming your brain is a process. It does not happen overnight. Just like building a network marketing business, most give up because it’s not quick enough. I for one have been known to have no patience. I stuck it out with Young Living and I will stick this out. Loved ones doubt me now, just like they did when I started with Young Living. They doubt this is real. They even make sarcastic comments. Its ok, I know. I know how I feel, what is happening and why. I will continue to do this work DAILY. It will take daily work just like building Young Living. It took daily work. The time I have in my car I listen to teachers, not music. Time in limited. Use your commute time learning. You can learn while cooking dinner, taking a bath, exercising, whenever possible. Release Facebook and what’s going on in everyone’s lives. Training our brain takes daily work that’s why audible works best for me. My phone is always with me; therefore the education/training is as well. YOU are the only one that can change your thinking and it will take work. Daily training! You can get an app on your phone that will send you positive affirmations and you can even program what time they start and end and how often you get them. I chose Daily Affirmations from Hay House.


I’m committed to sharing what’s in my heart and that’s my focus right now. This allows people in my life to get a deeper understanding of my current focus and values. I’m so grateful for the local leaders who are all taking charge and doing meetings that I’ve chosen to step back on. My focus has taken a shift. It’s all good.


Now that it’s getting colder, for some of us that is, my favorite drink is hot NingXia Red. I warm 2 packets (4oz) of NingXia & fill my coffee cup with boiling water. It’s so good I’m finding myself drinking 8 – 12oz a day!


That’s all for this week and since you made it to the bottom you will possibly be rewarded. Email me back with your member #, name and address. If this is the 2nd time you have emailed me your info, please state that as well.


Many Blessings headed your way,

In love,


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