My Heart Was Transformed Letter #1



I have so much MORE to say than what is in this video. Many of you reading this thought I was crazy 20 years ago when I told you about YL. Some even signed up, never opened your oils, fell off the database for not ordering in over a year. I was only following guidance by pushing through all the objections and rejections from my family & friends. Did I steer you wrong????? You all tell me how grateful you are for me keeping the faith and standing my ground on vaccines and all the other health related issues that go against the 98% ers as well as the oils. I am only following guidance by sharing this with you all now. I am being lead to spread the word again! NO, I am not making money from this. As I have stated in the past, even if YL did not pay me, I would continue to spread the word, it would only be less time that I would have to do so because I’d be working and probably struggling to pay the bills. Please listen to what I am saying. This was my second First Steps to Success and WOW, it was so much more than the 1st. Now I know why you keep going!!


If you love YL and really want to build but have some time issues, a spouse or kids holding you back, GO, learn how to communicate. Do not do what I did and cause major friction in the home by not learning how to communicate. If your relationship with your spouse or kids or family members is in disharmony, GO! Learn how to change this. I put this off for over 7 years and only went because I was in a crisis…do NOT wait until this happens if it hasn’t already. GO! If you have a mortgage, car payment, credit card debt, GO! You will learn how and why you can be debt free. It ALL starts with YOU!! One of the biggest lessons I learned, it ALL starts with ME! If you are not in spiritual alignment or think you are, GO! You will learn where you lack in this area. Friends, I was the BIGGEST skeptic. I am debt free, why go?? I have friends tell me just find Jesus or a church to attend. These same friends have some of the issues I mentioned above. No one has all the answers. I assure you this training will teach you so much more than you can ever imagine! I send this with love, gratitude, compassion for you all!


Many blessings await you!

Kathy Breen

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