Data Dump Of Pedophilia And Human Trafficking In Foster Care Systems And Orphanages – Part 3

If you discover instances of human trafficking in your community, reach out to, Call them at 1-888-373-7888 or Text 233733.

21. Children failed, children forsaken. The Colorado Child Welfare System

22. 4 of the worst orphanages in recent history

23. Report: Child welfare system in yolo county is outdated

24. When child welfare fails

25. Is overhaul needed for the child welfare system

26. America’s Failed Child Welfare System Leaves Kids Out in the Cold?

27. Lawsuit: West Virginia’s child foster care system is failing children

28. They’re Children at Risk of Abuse, and Their Caseworkers Are Stuck

29. The buck stops here: Dutch govt quits over welfare scandal

30. The disturbing, heartbreaking reality of Child Protective Services caseworkers

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