Rebuild Nepal Service Fund Raiser Raffle – RJ Mack Chosen

Rebuild Nepal Service Fund Raiser Raffle – RJ Mack Chosen

January 2, 2019 0 By yhacmadmin

Exciting News!!

RJ Mack has been chosen for the Young Living Foundation Nepal service trip in March. He will be part of a team of people from the ranks of Young Living who will work long hours of making bricks and using those bricks to make buildings. The work includes the restoration of 16 schools and two women’s centers.

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That is the easy part, the hardest part is to get the whole trip underway. And that is where you can help out. We are going to have to do some fundraising as the trip costs $3500. So please pray about this ministry and your support in it.

I am truly blessed to be chosen for such a trip when so many worthy people wanted to go. I am thankful for the opportunity not only to serve the people of Nepal but also the chance to build relationships with the other people going. It continues to be our goal to be a blessing where ever we go and this is such an overwhelming opportunity we are truly blown away. This is way beyond our ability without your help. Any amount, no matter how small is opening a door to bless people here and around the globe.

The team leaves the U.S. March 8th and will return 2 weeks later. And as you can imagine we will need to have all of our fundraising done before that time. I Hope you will take the time to check this out and get involved. We are looking for prayer support for the the entire time for the whole group. We are praying that everyone will raise the money they need to go and be able to go and come home safe. And we are praying God will move on hearts to contribute so that RJ Can go as well.

The following is from an article written by Kevin DeValk:

“For anyone with questions about the foundation RJ supports, the Young Living Foundation has been on the ground in Nepal since this mountain nation was devastated by an earthquake in April 2015. Teams are rebuilding 100 homes in the village of Yarsa, which also now has a new school and brick-making plant. Partnering with five non-profit organizations, Young Living’s philanthropic reach touches nearly every continent, including operating schools built from the ground up in impoverished areas, combating human trafficking, and tackling serious health problems in Africa. Young Living service teams also responded to last year’s horrendous hurricane season in the South. I like to say that many companies have philanthropic arms, but the scope of this one is impressive and the foundation does more good work than the ones of larger corporations. Get your details here!

Thank you for your prayers and support of our worthy cause

RJ AND Sue Mack