Potty Project for the Ugandan Orphan Childcare Ministries

Potty Project for the Ugandan Orphan Childcare Ministries

March 21, 2019 1 By yhacmadmin
Thank you to everyone who supported the Building of the Dormitory at Ugandan Orphage uoccusa.org.

We have successfully brought our 30 foster children home to the orphanage from the village. They no longer have to sleep on the ground or face the abuses of life as a foster child in Uganda. Lots of Tears and happiness. Here are the latest pics of the Dormitory. Please ask to join the Closed Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/UOCCMUSA/ page to see the children and get updates.

Currently, all 71 children and 8 staff members are using 3 toilets and 3 showers. We now just need to add another shower and two toilets so we can be sure that everyone gets clean daily and has access to toilets.

Number of Raffle Tickets

Total needed for the new potty/shower building:
Materials – $3711
Labor – $1200
Transfer and Wiring fees – $100
Total: $5000
This Raffle Fundraiser can help us get the toilets and showers the kids need.   Please purchase a RAFFLE ticket or several to help fund the POTTY PROJECT 2019.   The sooner we can raise the money the sooner and safer our children will be.
VIDEO  A message from Jennifer…

Here are the prizes for the RAFFLE.

  • Feelings kit
  • Raindrop kit
  • Everyday oil kit
  • Golden  touch
  • Select 30 pk oils
  • Bag of oils over $300 value
  • Sacred frankincense
  • Helichrysum
  • Jasmine


DRAWING WILL BE  April 14th, 2019

PLEASE PLEASE help us Spread the word by sharing with friends, family and on social media.  Thank you.

For more information or to Donate Directly to the Potty Fund  (REMEMBER direct donations are not eligible for Raffle prizes.

please make note the donation is for the Potty Project:

1. Send directly from your PayPal account to: [email protected]

2. Use this link to donate with a credit card or without a PayPal account:

3. Contact us about other options for cash or check donations. Jennifer: 210-219-4929, [email protected] or Wendy: 210-535-5666, [email protected]

Jennifer Strickland  Young Living Gold and Director of Ugandan Orphan Childcare Ministries USA

Wendy Clayton Young Living Silver  Finance Director Ugandan Orphan Childcare Ministries USA