From Death’s Door to Asking for a Sip of Water | Lisa Marie Losey

From Death’s Door to Asking for a Sip of Water | Lisa Marie Losey

March 9, 2020 0 By yhacmadmin

Guess who asked for water and drank water yesterday!
Speech Pathologist came with ice chips, grape juice, and chocolate pudding in hand.

  • Lisa ate the ice chips!
  • Lisa sipped the grape juice through a straw!
  • Lisa ate a spoonful of chocolate pudding!

Please continue to pray that our Excellus BlueCross BlueShield insurance sees that this lady is needing neuro specialized rehab so she can walk and talk freely again. We’d like her to be able to come home to stay and to be able to see her son’s high school graduation in June.

BlueCross BlueShield has already denied her twice even though she is approved with two facilities.

We could use your good thoughts and prayers. Tomorrow my family and our friends have spent 212 days in the hospital as we haven’t left Lisa alone for one minute. She has beat sepsis, kidney failure, her brain Arteriovenous malformation, a massive brain bleed, and mini strokes acquired during sepsis.

She beat death.

My mother needs the correct level of rehab. She’s worked her whole life and it’s time she gets her second chance to live. We could use your prayers now more than ever…

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Other recent progress to report…

Lisa can express her wants
Lisa can move her left leg
Lisa can move her right leg now (brain bleed side)
Lisa can move her left arm
Lisa can move her right shoulder
Lisa can sit in a chair
Lisa can pull herself forward on command
Lisa asks for water
Lisa can drink water
Lisa can speak loudly through her trach without a voice piece
Lisa can say “I Love You”
Lisa can say “I Want”
Lisa can say “I Don’t Want”
Lisa NEEDS neuro specialized rehab NOW

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